2018 Conference Presentations

By on March 27, 2018


What ILAPPA & APPA Can Do For You.
by: Chuck Scott, APPA Immediate Past President

Session I:

Obama Foundation

Roark Frankel
Director of Planning and Construction, Obama Foundation.

Session II:

Opportunities for Combined Heat and Power at Illinois Educational Institutions
by: David Baker, Energy Resources Center, UIC

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program Incentive Offerings for Universities, Colleges, and Schools
by: Jordan Berman-Cutler and Milos Stefanovic

Session III:

How well do you leverage the academic resources and community partnerships available to your campus?
by: Missy Nergard, Sustainability Operations at Illinois State University

Session IV:

Who Are We Leading? Understanding How to Communicate with the Next Generation of Workers.
by: Pete Jorgenson WIU Communication Chair, Communication with Young & Old Professionals

Sponsor Presentations: